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5 Doable DIY Projects for Newlyweds

5 Doable DIY Projects for Newlyweds

Nothing is more rewarding than tackling your first home improvement project together, designing a space that is now for both of you. The thought of a new project, however, can be daunting. If you desire to spruce up your space but are intimidated by DIY projects, try these simple ideas.


Improve your kitchen by repainting the cabinets or walls. Different colors create various atmospheres. If you want a crisp, clean look to balance with bright accents, try white or a light blue. If you want a pop of color, yellow is great for small spaces and will make a room feel bigger and brighter.


Many people have antique dining room sets. This furniture is usually solid wood and built to last. It’s a focal point and a meaningful place where family and friends gather for celebrations. Buying new furniture of the same quality is expensive. Instead, reupholstering your dining room chairs can refresh the whole set without breaking the budget.


A living room is full of opportunities for DIY projects. Start out by purchasing or building your own crates. Paint or stain them how you desire. Fasten them together according to the project you’re constructing—an end table, bookshelf or coffee table, for example. If applicable, add a slab of wood or glass to create the tabletop. Now you have counter space and extra storage.


Liven up your bedroom by adding a wood accent wall, producing both depth and texture. Use planks, pallets or even a mixture. Paint or stain the wood light or dark colors depending on the environment you want. You can also paint some panels and leave the rest natural, creating a unique look with a consistent texture.


Bathrooms tend to be small and likely don’t have floor space to incorporate more storage. Combat this issue by hanging floating shelves. Purchase wood, paint it whatever color you’d like or stain it to match already existing wood features in the room. You’ll gain storage while still allowing the room to feel open.

Grab your paintbrush, get out your tools and take on these DIY projects today, easily crafting your first home together.