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Do’s and Don’t’s for the Perfect Wedding Day Glow

Do’s and Don’t’s for the Perfect Wedding Day Glow

Getting the perfect glowing tan for your wedding day can be tricky. We’ve seen so many tanning disasters over the years, and no one wants to look orange walking down the aisle. That being said, white wedding gowns can easily wash out light and medium complexions, so a little sun-kissed color can really make all the difference. Here’s what to do and what to definitely avoid when it comes to artificial tans for the big day:

Do exfoliate. Whether you’re applying self-tanner, visiting a tanning salon for a spray tan, or paying a professional to mist you down at home, the one major tanning rule of thumb is to exfoliate beforehand. We like grabbing a handful of brown sugar from the kitchen and hopping in the shower, scrubbing in circular motions from the neck down and pay extra attention to the elbows and knees. This will leave your skin in perfect condition for an even tan.

Don’t moisturize after you exfoliate. Though your skin may feel a little dry after a scrub session, resist the temptation to reach for your favorite lotion or body butter. You don’t want any product to come in between your freshly buffed skin and the tanning product you’ve chosen. You can moisturize after your tanning product sets in for a few hours.

Do test out your self-tanner at home multiple times in advance. Whether you’re trying out a tan towel, a misting spray, or using tanning foam on a mitt, you’ll want to make sure that whatever self-tanner you’ve chosen applies evenly, and dries without leaving splotchy marks or dark spots. The best way to make sure you won’t have any unwelcome wedding day surprises with your self-tanner is to go through several runs at home first.

Don’t self-tan the day of your wedding. This is a recipe for disaster. A wedding day glow isn’t worth orange streaks on your white wedding dress, or odd smells from the tanning product. It’s best to get your spray tan or use your self-tanner a day or two before the wedding, with a shower in between to get rid of any excess oil or odors.

Do let your spray tan or self-tanner sink into the skin for at least 6 hours before hopping in the shower. This will extend the longevity of your fake tan for your wedding day. Once in the shower, avoid using any loofahs, washcloths or sponges so you don’t buff away the tanning product.

Don’t go too dark. When it comes to self-tanning, a little goes a long way. You want to look like the best version of yourself on your wedding day, not like you’ve been rolling in the mud. We’ve all seen celebrities who have gone overboard with the self-tanner, and you certainly don’t want to join the club on the day of your wedding. Less is more for a wedding day glow!