Whether you need to fix a beauty blunder, or you simply want to look your best, sometimes the best solution is already in your medicine cabinet or makeup bag. Check out these beauty products that can do more than one job!

  • Do your heels get rough? Definitely not a good look during sandal season, right? Here’s a simple, cost-effect solution: Slather diaper rash on them, don some comfy socks and go to bed. The heavy-duty moisturizers not only hydrate, they create a barrier that allows skin to heal—and healed skin is smooth skin!
  • Clear lip balm has more uses than just softening your pout! Use it to define eyelashes and keep brows in shape. Apply a little directly to nails as an insta-moisturizer when they peel. If you have just a few flyaway hairs, a dab of balm lightly applied down the strands will keep them in check. You can even apply a little balm at the top of your cheekbones as a highlighter!
  • Sure, you knew Visine was great for dropping into your eyes after a late night but did you know you can use it make your skin look fresher, too? Simply put a few drops on a cotton swab and dab on your lower eyelids to reduce redness. Apply it to a pimple to decrease redness and irritation, which brings the added benefit of allowing your concealer and foundation to cover it better.
  • Why shell out for two cosmetics when one can do twice as much? Reach for your makeup bag and give these double-duty tips a try: Make lips appear fuller by putting a dab of shimmer eyeshadow at the center of your lips (on top of your lip color). Out of lipstick? You can use cream blush on your lips instead. Or, try the reverse: a peach or pink lipstick can make a great blush! If your eyeliner tends to bleed, add a little eyeshadow primer on top of it.
  • Petroleum jelly just might be the ultimate beauty multi-tasker. You can use it to remove eye makeup and tame your eyebrows. Run a little over split ends to keep them in check. Smear it around your hairline to prevent hair-dye stains when coloring. Put it on your pulse points before spritzing perfume to help the scent “stick” to your skin!