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Easy and Effective Wedding Planning Tips

Easy and Effective Wedding Planning Tips

Life is funny in many ways. One of the biggest quirks is that the things that are most important to us are those that cause us the most stress.

Anyone who ever got married will tell you it was one of the best days of their life. Just don’t ask anyone who subsequently experienced a messy divorce.

As an extension of this, they will tell you that the planning that went into their big day caused enough stress to keep both a psychotherapist and a cardiologist in jobs for months after the occasion itself.

There are ways you can relieve the pressure, however, and make the planning of a wedding easy, effective, and trouble free. Commit to these rules, and stress will be so far away from your thoughts you won’t even stop to think how easy your wedding planning has been.

Whose Wedding

If we had a lotto ticket for everyone who worried about what their guests would think of their wedding, there is a fair chance we’d have picked up the jackpot by now.

For some reason, many of us fall into our wedding guests’ shoes when planning our wedding, and start looking for ideas and inspirations that they would like, rather than what we would ourselves.

The quicker you snap out of this, the better.

Your wedding is your day, and while you might want to think about whether certain elements will be well received, ultimately, it’s all for you, so it shouldn’t matter a jot.

If There is Guest Doubt

There will inevitably be friends or family members that you are unsure of whether to invite them or not.

How you approach this is up to you, although we will say that you need to either agree to everyone your partner wishes to invite attending, or come to a pact that any doubt means ‘no.’

Deciding on guest lists can be troublesome, so just sit down with a bottle of wine one evening, and do it.

How Far In Advance

How far you should plan a wedding in advance is often a cause of great debate. You should be looking at months, ideally, rather than years, but also need to be as flexible as possible in the run up to your wedding.

When you start to book things, ensure you are able to add or remove elements if you change your mind. There is nothing worse than deciding you would like a different theme a few months before the big day, only to find the venue has invested a fortune in the one you previously wanted and you’ll have to pay for the changes.

Take Time With Rings

You have one wedding day, but you wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life. Avoid picking the first thing you see, and spend time together choosing wedding bands that you will both cherish forever.

Look for rings that you can customize or have engraved so that they are personal to you. You’d be surprised how many people go for mundane bands and regret it later.

Follow this guide, and wedding planning will be easier and more efficient than you ever believed it could be.

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