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Three Easy Meditation Techniques To Help You Prepare For Your Big Day

Three Easy Meditation Techniques To Help You Prepare For Your Big Day

A wise Buddhist teacher once said, “Meditate every day. Unless you are very busy. Then meditate twice a day.”

Most of us have a hard time putting our health first when we have deadlines, family obligations, financial concerns, or a wedding to plan. But the truth is, stress doesn’t wait patiently for you to walk down the aisle. Instead, stress continues to build, while you are busy, debilitating your immune system along the way.

But there is good news! Meditation techniques are easy to learn and only take a few minutes to enact, but they boast incredibly powerful results. Here are three simple but effective ways to use meditation to lower your stress level and get you ready for the best day of your life.

1) Just Breathe

One of the most potent antidotes to stress is deep, mindful breathing. Techniques like this one help you to slow down and breathe from your abdomen, which reduces anxiety-producing shallow breathing. Just a few minutes of this kind of breathing a day, not only makes you calmer in the moment, but also has lasting effects on your body’s emotional and physical responses.

2) Walk It Out

Can’t stay still? A less traditional form of meditation is called walking meditation. In this practice, you use all of your senses to stay mindful while slowly moving your body. This technique is perfect for those with bodily pains, as it allows the practitioner to fully engage with her body while quieting her mind.

3) Find It On YouTube

The internet, it turns out, is good for more than pictures of Lil Bub. With a quick search you can find videos like this one, that offer free guided meditations. All you need are a pair of headphones and 15 minutes, to let the relaxing sounds and beautiful scenery of montages like this take you away.

Whichever technique you choose, be aware that your mind will wander, and that is okay. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Any and all of these methods take practice, and even seasoned sitters get distracted sometimes. Stick with it though. Peace is closer than you think.