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Eco-Friendly Beauty Products for Cold Snaps: Don’t Toss the Toner!

Eco-Friendly Beauty Products for Cold Snaps: Don’t Toss the Toner!

Most women equate skin toners with eco-friendly, beauty products meant for summertime. Although they are ideal for warm weather, today’s toners are designed to be used year round. They cleanse, refresh, moisturize, protect and balance as well as minimize pores. So there is no reason to pack them away once the foliage starts to fly.

However, it pays to ensure that the toner on your bathroom shelf is actually an eco-friendly, beauty product that’s safe for autumn or winter, skin care routines. Not all toners are meant for cold weather, especially the alcohol-based ones. They often team up with Jack Frost and turn skin into a dry, flakey mess. That said, it is better to seek out water-based formulas that contain organic forms of moisturizers, nutrients and extracts.

Many environmentally conscious brides like to use a number of different toners for fall and winter because of their ingredients. They carry brand names like Avalon Organics, Mambino Organics, Derma E, Jason Pure Natural, Earth Science and DeVita. Naturally, there are some ingredients that are better for the cold season than others.

Organic protectants like pycnogenol and coenzyme Q10 should be given priority because they’re known to prevent skin damage. Take that Jack! And we wouldn’t want women to pass up on vitamins A, E and C. They’ll work with CoQ10 and pycnogenol to keep flakiness, wrinkles and windburn on the back burners. Natural moisturizers are a must too. Women who prefer oil-based ones for fall and winter should at least think about using the following:

  • Argan and Avocado
  • Coconut and Jojoba
  • Flaxseed and Olive
  • Lavender and Rose Hip
  • Tea Tree and Safflower

They’re amazing as well as found in a multitude of eco-friendly toners. To discover more toners that will keep skin moisturized, protected, firm and fresh for the cold days ahead, please stay tuned. We have more cool weather hair and beauty tips to come!