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Help the Environment with DIY: How to Have an Elegant, Green Wedding

Help the Environment with DIY: How to Have an Elegant, Green Wedding

Are you and your spouse-to-be interested in having an environmentally friendly wedding, but aren’t sure where to start? Take a look at these “green” wedding do-it-yourself ideas which are sure to help you save the environment while impressing your guests.

Blackboard Wedding Program. Instead of handing out dozens of paper programs (very few of which will make it to the recycling bin), try this tip: take a large, framed mirror that you aren’t using and paint over it with chalkboard paint to make a framed blackboard. Write your program on it and display it on an easel for easy viewing.

Home Grown Flowers. Having some wedding flowers from your own garden (or a completely local florist’s) cuts down on transportation costs as well as reducing the amount of pesticide involved. While growing all the flowers for your wedding is likely far too much work, having a few prominently displayed bouquets is easy enough, and every bit helps the environment.

Edible Favors. Instead of paper-based party favors that guests are likely to throw out when they finish, make edible favors. Mason jars are quite inexpensive and you can fill them with honey or jam (homemade is preferable, but artisanal store-bought works fine in a pinch).

These ideas just scratch the surface of what’s possible for an eco-friendly wedding. The suggestions in the article focus on do-it-yourself projects, but there are also many environmentally friendly ways to approach the components that you don’t do yourself. Overall, no matter how you end up making your wedding environmentally friendly, it will allow you to celebrate the earth as well as your marriage.