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Eye Makeup 101: How to Get the “Purrrfect” Cat-Eye Look

Eye Makeup 101: How to Get the “Purrrfect” Cat-Eye Look

Talk about timeless! Winged eyeliner goes back to Cleopatra’s day. It became super popular in the ’60s (when it “officially” began to be known as the cat-eye look). Then, the look returned to the scene several years ago and has been on-trend every since.

To get the cat-eye look, you’ll need black liquid eyeliner. Other options include sharp pencil liners, gel or cream formulas applied with an angled eyeliner brush, or shadow applied with a damp eyeliner brush; these products may be easier to work with when you’re just starting out. And, you don’t have to choose black if it’s too dark–shades of charcoal and deep gray will work well, too.

First up, dip your eyeliner brush into the product of your choice. Holding your lid taut, glide it along the lash line from the inner corner out, and then flick the line up slightly at the edge. (The trick is to keep the line thin and use a single fluid motion. Just move your hand slightly at the end, rather than using a jerking motion.) Holding your lid taut, draw a second line over the first from the outer end to the center of your lashes. It helps to work from the outside in because that keeps you from extending the wing too far or creating a curved shape.

Once you’re ready to try liquid liner, do the previous step to map out the shape you want to achieve. Then, go over it again. Tracing over the line with the liquid formula will give it that sharp, precise line that’s crucial to the classic cat-eye look. The liquid will also stay put longer than other formulas. Holding your lid taut, start at the outside edge, and draw a line from the outer corner toward the lash line.

As you are tracing over the original line with the liquid liner, you can adjust the thickness by pressing slightly harder. You can fill in any gaps in the original line as you go, too. If you find it’s too heavy when you’re done, you can reduce the line with a pointed beauty swab dipped in eye makeup remover. Use a fresh remover-soaked swab to make changes to the wing itself if it is too thick, extends too far, or is crooked.

With just a little practice, you’ll be “feline” confident about your cat-eye look makeup skills in no time!