What the hell is face Pilates? Some call it face yoga, some call it facercise, and if you’ve heard of it, it may strike up this lovely image. Watch it. Go ahead. Try to keep a straight face. (You’re doing it along with her… aren’t you?) In fact, show it to your mom. There’s a good chance she did it in the bathroom and never told anybody… because who in the shit would ever admit to doing this? While it looks crazy AF and we do not recommend doing it in front of people … ever –

The concept does make sense.

Like the rest of your body, your face is made up of many muscles that go unused. Just check out this lady. Can you believe she’s just a few short years away from 50?! Us either. So does face yoga REALLY work? No one can say for sure. No one has ever invested time into long-winded studies, but perhaps the results speak for themselves. After all, what could it hurt? Oh, you’ve heard that thing about facial exercises causing wrinkles? “Not true,” say the gurus. Just like Botox freezes muscles, working muscles can only serve to “harden” those same muscles that Botox loves most.

Want to try it for yourself? Ok. Lock the door, girl. Here goes:

Reducing Forehead Wrinkles

This is one of the first wrinkles many of us start to notice and the reason most women turn to Botox. If you are considering the needle, try this first.

Targeting Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet leave us all taking selfies with different variations of smiles until we discover which smile shows less of our crow’s feet… without showing our crazy. Hard to master, right? Sometimes you have to pick between crow’s feet or crazy. It’s a tough sell. This video is pretty in-depth, though it does seem to be tied to a vitamin supplier. Doesn’t matter. All you came for was the face yoga.

Nixing Jowls

Ugh… don’t you just hate that word? Us too. Let’s just call it unicorns and this video can teach you how to lose them… for good.

Experts say that it takes about 60 days to start to see improvement in your overall appearance. The good news is that it takes less than 15 minutes to do a full line up of face yoga moves… and there are tons of them on YouTube. Do 20 reps of each exercise and, like bodybuilders would, follow your workout with a high-protein meal. Take before and after shots. We’d love to see them… and, hey, even if you don’t notice an improvement – you will gain instant street cred with that hippie friend you have that lives on that goat milk farm. Finally – you have something in common.


Face yoga. It’s a thing.