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‘Fall’ for These Wedding Trends this Season

‘Fall’ for These Wedding Trends this Season

Now that summer is over, it’s time to ‘fall’ in love with the latest trends for weddings this season. As the weather cools, warm your guests with metallic accents and industrial influences for your nuptials. From bulb-lighting to personalized comfort food menus, your wedding will have all the touches of the holidayswithout the typical autumn look.

While there are some brides who choose to go rogue when it comes to sticking with wedding trends, the following ideas can be incorporated into any wedding and still have that personal touch. It is possible to be unique and still be in style, and the following trends can be further tweaked to show your guests just how different you really are.

Fall Color Trends: Most brides have an idea of what color schemes they want for their wedding but soon come to realize that the color isn’t in season. Deep-red tones such as wine, copper, and heather gray are the perfect autumn colors this year. If you’re not convinced on having your wedding revolve around these colors, accents in your invitations or decorations might just be the perfect touch. Wine-colored drapes aren’t for you, but maybe a worn copper lantern is just what you need. It’s important to note that these colors are versatile and come in several forms. Incorporating these autumn tones in your décor will give you a warm holiday vibe without being obvious.

Industrial Lighting: Large spotlights are out – vintage bulbs and lanterns are in! Give your wedding a warm glow with bulb installations this season. If strings of bulbs are too kitschy for you, metal lanterns can be used in several ways; hang them from trees, incorporate them as centerpieces and replace the bulbs for candles instead. This alternative lighting is ultra-creative and for the romantics, creating an enchanting environment.

Hot Menu Selections: With a rich color palette, continue this trend down to the food with bright red peppers, pumpkin dishes, and purple endive or eggplant casseroles. It’s a common misconception that comfort food can’t be elegant. Don’t let warm, homestyle foods keep you from having the chic wedding of your dreams. The harvest is full of colorful foods that will compliment your décor and satisfy your guests all the same. Spicing up your menu with seasonal sauces and toppings will give you the autumn vibe without feeling like you’re hosting a Thanksgiving meal.

The fall season can be tricky for weddings, but sticking to what you like and keeping trends on accents rather than themes can save you from getting stuck in the holiday feel. Keep the merriment and joy of the holidays in your wedding and steer away from garland and autumn leaves this year.