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Beauty Basics: Find the Right Foundation

Beauty Basics: Find the Right Foundation

Whether you like a natural look or you’re all about glamor, a good foundation creates the canvas for the rest of your makeup, so it’s important to make the right choice. Here are the basics on finding the perfect foundation for you.

Colors and Formulations

  • Light, pale complexions need a pink-based foundation. Look for words like alabaster or porcelain on the label.
  • Medium complexions need yellow undertones to help brighten skin. Look for words like buff or beige on the label.
  • Dark to ebony tones need rich, warm pigment. Look for words like chestnut or mocha on the label.
  • If you’re on the fence about which shade you need, look for a shade with yellow undertones, as they flatter most complexions.
  • Powder foundations are great for oily complexions; cream foundations are perfect for dry skin; mineral foundations are excellent for sensitive skin. Those seeing the first signs of aging (such as fine lines) should opt for liquid formulas.

Find Your Best Base

First up, never wear foundation when you’re foundation-shopping. You will want to compare your natural complexion to any shade that you consider. Be sure to buy your foundations at a store that allows you to return them after opening. Choose one that looks lighter than your skin, one that looks like the perfect match, and one that looks slightly too dark. Apply a row of stripes of each from your upper cheek to jaw line.

Allow foundation to “sit” at least a minute before you decide if it’s right for you–the color takes that long to oxidize. Then, view it in natural lighting. The stripe that is not clearly visible, that seems to “meld” with your skin, is the right choice!

Don’t see a perfect match? You may have to combine two different shades to get the right color, and that will take a little trial and error. And trying new stuff is part of what makes beauty fun, so give it a whirl!