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Five Easy Design Tips to Create a Romantic Master Bathroom

Five Easy Design Tips to Create a Romantic Master Bathroom

Whether you’re a newlywed or married for many years, a romantic master bathroom is often high on the list of desired items for a homeowner. However, not everyone can afford a major renovation of their bathroom. Luckily, simple changes and additions exist to turn your current bathroom into a romantic space.

1. Install a dimmer switch. By putting in such a control, you can adjust your lighting at will. Set the lights for full brightness when you’re getting ready in the morning, then dim the lights in the evening and share a romantic bath with your loved one.

2. Set out candles. Along the back of a built-in bathtub, you can line up scented candles that will give off a romantic mood and pleasant aromas when lit. If you have a freestanding tub, place a small glass table nearby, where you can display the candles as well as bath beads, bubble bath, or other items.

3. Incorporate plants. Greenery in your bathroom will bring a bit of nature indoors. Living plants will make the area feel more like a private sanctuary. Choose plants that do well in humid temperatures such as ferns or ivy. Hang pots in the corner of the room or create a living wall near your tub for the best look.

4. Hang curtains. If you hang sheer curtains on your windows, they will soften the look of the room and give your bathroom a beautiful romantic flair. You can use white curtains for an airy look or select a bolder color that coordinates well with your current decor. The sheerness of the material will keep the curtains feeling light and dreamy.

5. Install a chandelier. For an exquisite look and a romantic feel, install a crystal chandelier over your tub, if you’re allowed to do so in your city. If you can’t put one over the bathtub, install the chandelier in the middle of your bathroom. Select one with candle-shaped lights for a more romantic appearance.

Adding romance to your decor is easier than you might think. Consider small changes first to infuse the romantic look and feel you want. Then opt for larger, more expensive updates when you can afford to do so.