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Choosing The Right Foundation Makeup For You

Choosing The Right Foundation Makeup For You

Finding the right foundation can be so tricky! It is not “just” a bottle of makeup. It’s called foundation for a reason. The color has got to be a perfect match for your skin tone, the formulation has got to be the perfect consistency for your skin type. The brand has got to be a perfect fit for your budget. And of course, the perfect foundation at 25 years old is usually not the perfect foundation at 45 years old. It would be so nice if there was a handbook: How To Find the Right Foundation.

Choosing the best foundation for YOU can seem like a truly daunting task. It is a daunting task. How many of us have a drawer full of failed foundations? Each one fails in its own special way — too light, too dark, too much coverage, all over your collar by lunch time, caused a breakout that took a month and a trip to the dermatologist to clear up. A fairly simple way to find the right foundation is to visit a department store beauty counter, or another cosmetics retailer that carries a large variety of foundations. The salespeople truly know the product lines. They can steer you toward the brands that cater to your age and skin type. They are also willing to provide a few samples for you to take home for a “test drive”. Goodbye foundation failure! No more iffy decisions that lead straight to foundation regret.

As a rule, you should always use the best foundation that you can afford. Sometimes the department store foundations are simply not budget friendly. Have no fear! With your samples in hand, head directly to the drug store. There are actually a lot of good foundation options there as well.

The one thing you should never do when choosing a new foundation is to buy online. If you are simply reordering one that you have already loved, online is great. When you know it is time to choose a new formula, online research is a wonderful tool. The reviews from other women can help you to narrow down the universe of possibilities. If you actually do buy a new foundation online, then best of luck with the color!

The bottom line on choosing foundation is making sure you choose the best color and consistency for your skin. Foundation is the “canvas” on which the rest of your gorgeous make up routine comes to life. Choose wisely!