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Four Problems All Newlyweds Face

Four Problems All Newlyweds Face

When you’re newly married, it’s often hard to transition out of dating mode, especially if you’re living together for the first time. Issues that you either overlooked before or haven’t yet experienced are now making life stressful. You’re not alone. All newlyweds go through these growing pains.

Common Newlywed Problems

Irritating Habits — Certain idiosyncrasies that your spouse has, which you once thought were cute, might now get on your nerves because you’re exposed to them every day. Try not to let these habits aggravate you or cause an argument. You could have some habits that are irritating your partner too. To keep your relationship healthy, you both need to learn how to live with small differences and not let them bother you.

Disagreements — It’s inevitable that you and your spouse are not going to agree on everything. Most people think that their partner, family, and friends will always have the same opinions on politics, religion, and other vital issues. In actuality, this is rarely the case. You don’t need to argue about it. Nor should you think less of your spouse when you have differing opinions. You can disagree and still love and respect each other. Don’t let disagreements get blown out of proportion and damage your relationship.

Money Management — How a couple manages their marital funds has become one of the most contentious issues for newlyweds. To avoid arguments, you should have a serious talk about how bills will get paid, who’s responsible for the majority of the money management, and how to handle personal purchases. One great solution is to have three different accounts — a household account for bills, plus two additional accounts, one for each of you for personal expenses. The majority of your paychecks should go into the household account, minus a small percentage from each of your checks that you can deposit into a separate bank account for personal purchases.

Friend Time — Sometimes after you marry, your spouse won’t understand your continuing need to see your friends. Also, your friends might resent not being able to see you as often as they used to. You need to find a compromise. You never want to end up cut-off from friends, but you also don’t want your spouse to feel neglected. Arrange one day a week as a “friend day” — if your partner can spend time with their friends on the same day, even better. If you can’t arrange it on the same day, it’s still essential to allow your spouse time with friends. Such activities will keep everyone feeling like they have a complete life.

As a newlywed, it’s important to understand that you’ll experience a period of adjustment after embarking on your new life. Concentrate on the positive aspects and don’t dwell on the negative issues in your relationship. Patience, understanding, and love are what ultimately will keep your marriage healthy.