1. Double your color. Using the same eyeliner shade on both lids can make your eyes look smaller. Put black on the top and brown on the bottom for a softer effect.
  2. Bring on the heat. Aim your blow dryer at your eyelash curler for five to eight seconds before using it. The added warmth makes a big difference.
  3. Wake up with beige. Tired-looking eyes can be sparked to life with tinted moisturizer followed by a beige eye pencil. No heavy concealer required.
  4. Keep it short and simple. Long nails are glamorous, but they can be hard to keep up. Your hands will look just as amazing if you round them off level with your fingertips and go for a dark polish.
  5. Change up the color. Choose your best facial feature and switch the color scheme on it. Playing up your eyes with neutrals? Add a pop of color. Ruby red lips your thing? Go for earthy tones.
  6. Lighten and brighten. To enhance the contours of your face, use light shades on the higher points, like the top of your cheekbones and upper eyelids.
  7. Stamp your eyes up. Press your mascara wand against the underside of your eyelashes. It’ll darken the area without using eyeliner and really boost your look.
  8. Cross colors to fix problems. Every color has its opposite, and you can use that to correct flaws. Balance red blemishes with green concealer or mute brassy hair with color-depositing shampoo in purple.

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