One of the most current hair trends is rainbow-colored hair, or mermaid hair, as it is commonly termed. To achieve this look, one must endure extensive bleaching and treatments, damaging the hair. However, if the proper post-coloring care is given, the precious locks will come out stronger and more beautiful than before. Here are five tips to achieve healthy hair after bleaching.

  1. Have a professional do the coloring. Expiring quicker than they seem, and often unnoticeably, using box-dyes can lead to drenching hair in out-of-date chemicals. However, it is a stylist’s job to know exactly what is going into the hair, thus protecting against expired colorants.
  2. Use appropriate professional products. Post-coloring maintenance makes all the difference in both the long-term health of the hair, as well as the tint’s vibrancy. By using professional products, washing the hair will enhance the color instead of detracting. Equipped to recommend the exact product for the treatment received, stylists bring to light the best follow-up treatment for each individual set of locks in a way no drugstore can.
  3. Make frequent visits to the salon performing the treatment. It’s like having a checkup. The professionals can determine the health of the hair, what needs to change, and how to do so. Because salons keep the exact color used on file, when roots appear professionals can treat them quickly and easily, without damaging the remaining tresses.
  4. Wash in cold water. Warm water opens pores, allowing for color to seep out, whereas cold water closes the hair follicles.
  5. Use an oil treatment. Proper oil treatment secretes the color and repairs the hair, allowing for more time and growth between chops, while restoring shine! By mending the breakage coloring often causes, the color remains without the worry! Oil treatments also help tame dandruff, another common side-effect. Serving as a top-coat, it allows the tint to stay comfortably and beautifully for a longer period of time.

With these tips in mind, one can conquer even the most daunting of trends! Rock mermaid hair with confidence, knowing the fun is possible without the tears of regret.