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Getting and Staying Organized

Getting and Staying Organized

Is your task list making you stressed? Do you have clutter around you that is making you feel unsettled? Do you not know where to start when faced with a big project? Organization is the key to success!

Clean it Up

Experts agree that when our spaces are cluttered, we feel out of sorts. Getting rid of clutter takes a little time, but it is easy and well worth it. Start in one location and don’t get overwhelmed! Start at the dining room table or on your dresser in your room. Grab a trash can and start with eliminating the trash. Once that is done, divide items into things that need to be put away and things that need action. Put everything away in your pile. For things that need your action, start a list.

Tackling the List

Once you have gone through your space eliminating clutter, you have a list of things to do that you’ve created. Divide your list into like things. For example, tasks that require action on your computer go together. Mark items off as you complete them. What a sense of accomplishment! Items on your list may take a little longer; keep them on your list until they are complete. Instead of marking it off with a big check, annotate that you are working on it by putting a big dot next to it. Turn that dot into a check when it’s done!


Putting things off will only create disorganization. If you touch it, do what you need to do with it! For mail, for example, once you bring it in, don’t move it from counter to table! Open everything, shred the junk, file the bills, and place the informational stuff in one place that you’ve designed for that type of material.  For dishes, don’t put that dish in the sink when you can put it straight into the dishwasher.

Getting organized takes some effort and staying organized takes dedication, but the lack of stress caused by disorganization will make it all worth it!