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What Guests Should Avoid Doing At The Wedding Party

What Guests Should Avoid Doing At The Wedding Party

Wedding parties and receptions are meant to be fun, but having fun doesn’t mean that there are no rules to be followed. Whether you’re attending a simple gathering or a grand wedding, every guest must follow certain etiquette so that the manner of celebrating is well organized. If you want to know more about these so-called ‘policies’ that are needed to be followed, then you must read further as we are going to discuss what guests should avoid doing at a wedding party.

If you want to make sure that you’re going to have a good time without having to stress out the newlyweds, here are some things that you should avoid doing:

1. Being overly dramatic – Surely there are certain dramatic moments at the wedding and you simply just can’t avoid crying. Cry if you must, but do it in a subtle manner and don’t steal the spotlight from the bride and groom. Always bear in mind that this special day is all about them and not about you. So keep it that way to make the wedding a more endearing occasion for the two of them.

2. Barricading the food table –The food always taste great during these occasions, but it doesn’t that you have to overly indulge on the menu and forget about all the other guests. Just take small portions of the food that is being served and go right back into your table to finish your plate. You can always come back for a second serving if you feel the need for it.

3. Getting drunk – Wines are always a plenty during wedding events, but try to drink moderately and avoid being tipsy and dance all over the place. Try to maintain a sense of decorum and do not embarrass yourself in front of the couple and on the other guests. Take note that your actions may ruin the mood of the celebration so do yourself a favor and only drink a glass or two.

4. Asking the DJ to change the music – Okay, you may not like that music that is being played right now. But don’t go to the DJ and ask for a music change so that you can feel the partying mood as some guest might not like this move. Be considerate to the young and the mature people who are also invited to the wedding as they are having a good time with the tunes at the background. Just wait for your turn and soon enough some of your favorite songs will played on the hit list.

5. Failing to intermingle with other guests – Sure you are close friends with the newlyweds, but this doesn’t mean that you just have to sit in one place and avoid talking to the other guests. Weddings are a great time to meet new friends and get to know well the friends of your friends. Having a great company at the party will let you feel the fun of the moment compared to being alone with only yourself.

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Have fun at the party without committing any trouble to the newlyweds. Just follow the tips mentioned above and everybody will surely have a great time at the event.