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Hair Trends: The Beauty Behind Color Melting

Hair Trends: The Beauty Behind Color Melting

Looking for something new and beautiful to do with your hair? Or perhaps you are thinking of growing out your bleach blonde, or current permanent color? While many opt to go straight to all over color, or bleaching to create a blank slate, color melting is the latest craze that gives a newer, cooler option for changing up your current do!

What is color melting and what makes it stand out against other processes?

Color melting is basically a seamless blending of a few different colors into the hair. Think of three colors of paint melting down a canvas and melting into each other perfectly. In other processes such as highlighting, balayage, and ombre show more clear lines, and less blending between colors, while the color melt melds the tones of the hair together creating a more natural progression between colors. If you love the ombre look, but want a more natural movement between colors, color melting into a lighter color can achieve this without as harsh a contrast as the traditional ombre.

How can color melting help my hair goals?

Aside from giving an artfully beautiful blend of color to one’s crowning glory, the color melt is also a fantastic option for growing out a bleach or dye job you no longer wish to wear. By melting colors together and blending them with new regrowth, one is able to give a more natural feel to the hair when growing out virgin color instead of suffering through the hard line where the last bleach or color was processed. In addition, it’s a healthier option than attempting a full double process of bleach and new color over already processed hair. Stylists can blend current, and virgin hair seamlessly as means of assisting you toward your ultimate hair goals! With the color melt you can gradually reach hair goals while looking chic in the process.

Can I go bold with a color melt?

Of course you can! Aside from assisting in color correction, the color melt can produce some incredible results with fashion colors. Want to achieve the ultimate mermaid hair? Have your stylist blend a variety of green, purple and blue seamlessly together for a look that shouts bold yet professional! With color melting, the possibilities of blending your favorite colors together in a natural way that doesn’t scream “I streaked my hair at home” are virtually endless.