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These 6 Hair Trends Require “I Do” Levels of Commitment

These 6 Hair Trends Require “I Do” Levels of Commitment

One of the fun things about having hair is how very changeable it is. Just think, this morning you woke up a brunette, but by the time you go to bed you could be a blonde. All it takes is a phone call to your stylist and a few pictures of the many gorgeous faces of Kim K. to completely change your look.

With so many options, the only question becomes – what should you choose to do? Sure, that shiny red hair that Emma Stone rocked in La La Land is gorgeous – but, can you pull it off? Ginnifer Goodwin’s pixie is next level adorable – but, will your hair cooperate?

Not all styles are created equal when it comes to upkeep and commitment. A slightly too short trim is going to be a thing of the past in a few weeks, but going full V for Vendetta is going to stick with you for awhile. We know you can pull it off, you just have to be prepared to pull it off for a really long time.

Wondering if the style you’ve been coveting is low maintenance or a major commitment? Take a look at these six trends before you text your stylist.

Baby Bangs

Like all things ’90, baby bangs are on their way back. Known for being both piecey and dramatically short, baby bangs add an edge to every style. They’re good for both thick and fine hair – but work best on foreheads that are neither too high nor too short. If you’re a lover of bangs and just want to spice things up, these can give your style a kick.

  • Commitment Level – 10

Think about it, you’re cutting a section of your hair directly in the front about an inch and a half long. If you decide you don’t want these anymore, it’s going to be a long wait until they’ve grown out enough to incorporate into the rest of your hair.


Baby bangs aren’t the only blast from the past making their way back into a salon near you. Permanent waving services, in which your hair is wrapped around rods and coaxed from it’s normal straightness to curly using a variety of chemicals, have been on the rise. Who wouldn’t want to wake up and look like Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman every day?

  • Commitment Level – 9

While the results of a perm can relax over time, leaving you with a less curly result than the day you first left the salon, the hair that was permed will be irreversibly chemically altered on the inside. This means you’re limited on what kind of additional chemical services (like highlights, ombre or future perms) you can have until the hair that was permed grows out and is cut off.

White Blonde

Blonde trends tend to vary from honey-kissed to so-platinum-it’s-nearly-see-through, and right now the latter is definitely in the lead. White blonde, or a “platinum card” as it’s sometimes referred to by the pros, is the process of bleaching every single hair on your head as light as it can go and then toning it until zero yellow is left over.

  • Commitment Level – 10

Keeping up the ultra blonde look while maintaining the healthiest hair possible requires regular salon visits, conditioning treatments and a cadre of at-home products for aftercare. Plus, just like with a perm, hair that has been lightened with bleach is considered permanently altered on the inside until it’s grown out and cut off. Even if you tint your hair back to a darker color, your hair still must be treated as “bleached”  until the affected locks are lopped.

Undercut and Design

Forget the mullet, today’s business-in-the-front-and-party-in-the-back style is a buzz cut with an artistic design like a mandala or a series of swirls edged in on the underside of your hair. All you have to do is wear your hair down to hide it, but throw your hair in a messy top-knot or high pony and you can show off the work of art your stylist or barber designed just for you.

  • Commitment Level – 8

Think growing bangs out is rough? Try growing hair back out that’s been completely shaved off. The fact that you can hide it, versus the bangs that you just have to deal with, makes this commitment mildly less intense. It still sticks around for a good long while even after you’ve decided you’re over it though, and leaves you with a weird, bulky layer on the underside of your hair for months. Wanna do this style as a side shave instead of an undercut? Take the commitment level up to a 10.

Deep Red or Jet Black

Single shades are timeless – especially when they’re rich reds, bold burgundies or deepest sables. In a world where ombre and balayage dominate the hair scene for the vast majority, opting for a shiny, signature tone can create a striking contrast to the landscape.

  • Commitment Level – 6

Red is difficult to get into the hair shaft, which makes it fade easily and require specialized shampoo and conditioner at home to maintain your results. Once you drive those red pigments in though, they’re nearly impossible to get out and make it highly unlikely that you’ll be able to opt for a cooler shade without multiple appointments in the salon. Black is far easier to achieve and maintain, but the difficulty to change it is right there along with red. It can take up to a year to safely lift your hair from a true black up to a light brown or blonde shade, so if you’re going all the way just be prepared to stay dancing on the dark side for quite awhile.

Mermaid Hair

This trend is still going strong, despite the fact that it’s been going for awhile – and it’s understandable why. Who wouldn’t want to be a magical mermaid with pink, teal, lavender, or periwinkle blue locks on occasion? From Coachella to Costco, multi-colored mermaids are rocking out everywhere.

  • Commitment Level – Infinity

In a nutshell, this style requires the hair to be bleached, then colored over with a direct dye. Direct dyes lay over the top of the hair strand, which means they fade off quickly…unless of course your hair has been so compromised (ie. damaged) in the lightening process that the pigment penetrates into your hair shaft and then refuses to ever leave. In the case of the former, you’ll need regular appointments to refresh your colors as they will fade out very rapidly. In the latter case, you may be stuck with a weird blue or lackluster green for awhile because it’s gone so far into your hair that it may as well be part of your DNA now. In both cases, you’ll need extremely specific professional aftercare products for maintenance and deep pockets – those salon visits require the double process of lightening AND tinting, which often makes them very costly.

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