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Heart Chakra Meditation for Anxiety and Stress

Heart Chakra Meditation for Anxiety and Stress

Big life decisions to everyday tasks can bring about stress, especially for busy women! The mind gets caught up in anxious thoughts such as, “Did I do enough today?” to “Will I succeed if I make this life change?” “Will I be happy?” and so on.

Every year, more research shows that meditation is an effective way to relieve anxiety and stress. With that being said, consider doing a simple meditation before going to bed, or in the morning before you rise to tackle your day. In this way, you are acknowledging your anxious feelings in a conscious, loving manner, and not pushing them down or allowing them to get blown out of proportion, which, in some cases, can escalate to an anxiety attack.

If you are feeling stress, or having trouble stopping anxious self-judgmental thoughts, try this simple heart chakra meditation using a rose quartz. It’s sure to get your heart energy flowing while helping you remember to be gentle with yourself.

Heart Chakra Meditation

(This meditation can be done without a rose quartz, but to feel the full effects of the meditation, it is recommended to use one.)

1. Find a comfortable spot without loud distractions. You may sit or lie down. Hold the rose quartz in your left hand, (left hand connects to your heart) or place the stone on your chest (this works best if you’re on your back).

2. Allow a few moments for some deep breaths and let yourself relax. As you take in each breath, visualize the worries in your mind. Then, as you breathe out, visualize them slipping away. This should relax your body enough for the next step.

3. Now, visualize yourself walking into a bright, soft pink light. This is the rose quartz’s energy being activated by you, (if you don’t have a rose quartz, simply visualize the pink light). Envision this bright pink light slowly enveloping your being. Its healing energy will comfort your body and diminish any physical pains or aches due to stress and anxiety. Immerse yourself in this pink light. Acknowledge and feel confident that your body is healing. Take your time with this step. Continue breathing deeply.

4. Now, bring all of your attention to your heart center. Feel it relaxing and opening up like a flower in the sun. Envision rays of pink light radiating from it. In this moment, you can either say these words out loud, or in your mind: “I accept myself and let go of any judgments and negativity I have towards myself.”

Repeat this phrase several times with intention. You will begin to feel the truth of the words sink in with each repetition, nourishing your heart and mind. Feel free to take your time with this step as well.

5. After a few minutes in this gentle, loving state, bring yourself back into your body. You can do this by counting backwards from ten or taking a few deep breaths. Feel the rosy energy taking the shape of your body and acknowledge your presence within it. Slowly open your eyes and feel yourself comforted and at ease for the day ahead. Know that your body is re-energized and your heart center is vibrating with newfound self-love.

Doing this meditation every day, or even just before a big day will get you back into a place of calmness and gentleness, reminding yourself of your own beautiful worth and love!