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5 Helpful Facts for Curly Haired Girls

5 Helpful Facts for Curly Haired Girls

Beautiful natural curls have made their way back into fashion and designers have embraced wild and carefree curls on the runway as well. Every girl with curly hair should know how to care for their curls and keep them healthy. We’re here to share 5 helpful facts on these curls that may have not known yourself!

One thing to know is that it isn’t easy to get the shine in your curls. You should always avoid using hair shine products containing silicon, which many of these shine-inducing products do. Silicon products at first may seem to give your curls shine but soon enough it will turn unpleasant and greasy, giving your curls a dull look. Silicon is a ‘fake shine’ made from plastic which doesn’t last long and isn’t beneficial to your hair.

Another thing to watch out for in these hair shine products is alcohol, which dries out your curls that are naturally dry enough. Alcohol is not good for your hair and can cause damage to your hair follicles, avoiding products with alcohol can save your curls from drying out and getting damaged.

Curly hair requires much more moisture than straight hair because of the curly hair’s structures, as your natural hair oils have a harder time reaching through to the tips of your hair. This tends to cause a dryness or frizz to your curls. To avoid frizz and dryness, it is best to often moisturize and use lots of conditioners.

Girls with curly hair should try to avoid any heat to their hair because of how much moisture the curls require. The two best options are to either let your curls air dry or use a diffuser attachment on a hair-dryer. When using a diffuser you will want to first blot your hair with a towel before applying a leave-in conditioner. Then you can use your blow dryer while keeping your hands away from your curls as much as possible to help prevent your hair from frizzing.

The last thing you should keep in mind is that products that work for a friend may not work the same for you. There are many types and structures of curly hair, meaning it may take several tries with different products before you find what works for your hair personally. If you have any questions about curly hair or about your hair personally, feel welcome to contact us.