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Simple and Easy Home Décor for Autumn

Simple and Easy Home Décor for Autumn

Fall is here, which means pumpkin pies, apple cider, caramel apples, and hot chocolate will become a staple in every restaurant and household. But does your house look like autumn has started? Here are a few simple and easy tips for making your home decor more Fall/Autumn appropriate:

Fall Leaves and Twigs

The easiest things you can use for home decor during autumn are the fall leaves and twigs – which are usually pretty plentiful right about now. Pick out some pretty twigs that have a few fall leaves attached and place them in a vase, or spray some fall leaves with a varnish – so that they last longer – then use them as confetti to decorate your bookshelves, tables, etc. Sting together some fall leaves with thread then hang them in a glass less frame.

Upgrade a Dollar Store Straw Hat

You can find great straw hats at the dollar store – they are not really big enough to be actual sun-hats but add some burlap, bows, fall leaves, ribbon, straw, or fall fabric to upgrade your dollar store hat into a fall decoration. Prop the hat up on the corner of a bookshelf or another piece of decor that stands up and you have a beautiful piece of fall home decor.

Add Glitz and Glam to Your Candles

Got a few candles lying around the house? Turn them into autumn home decor with just a few simple tweaks such as:

  • Add orange ribbon and tie a bow in front.
  • Add brown burlap around your candles then tie them off with brown yarn or orange ribbon.
  • Use Mod podge and paint around your entire candle then sprinkle with orange glitter.

Make Your Own Fall Place-mats

If you do not have place-mats of your own you can make some. Make them fun, funny, classy, pretty, or whatever you want. Simply take a large piece of paper and color or paint it to look the way you want. Repeat for the number of place-mats you need then have them laminated so you can use them over and over again.