1. Little Surprises

You and your partner have known each other for some time now, and are probably very comfortable around each other. That comfort, while nice, can put a serious damper on the romance. Make sure to keep each other on your toes with little surprises. Unexpected surprises can be something small like gifts and unexpected back messages, or it can be something big like adventurous outings and romantic scavenger hunts.

2. Date Night

Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you’re not dating anymore. When you’re married, especially newlywed, you have to adjust to each other’s habits and schedules. You create a routine. Routine is key for a happy marriage but it can also be a recipe for disaster. A routine can easily extinguish the flames of passion. You want to make sure you take time out from your busy lives for date night, just the two of you. Date nights are intimate, romantic, and a great way of keeping the honeymoon phase alive.

3. Vacation Getaway

Remember your honeymoon? You may have gone somewhere new and exotic, but might have not left the hotel room. Still, it was an exciting time. Try to capture that same spark with another planned vacation, except this time go out and explore. Vacation getaways make for great adventures in which you can spend time getting to know your partner in a different setting.

4. Time Apart

Strange but true. Time apart is important for healthy relationships. Set time aside for just yourself or for going out with friends without your partner. It may seem like you’re pushing away your partner, but in fact, you’re creating that sense of longing and wanting for your partner. That helps keep the passion alive.

5. Communication

A ring or a gift doesn’t say it all. It’s nice to hear affirmation of the feelings you have for each other. Vocalize how you feel for each other. Also, take the time to talk things out. If something is bothering you or you’re upset about something, let your partner know. Your marriage partner is someone you should be able to lean on, so make use of them. It will cement feelings of love and admiration you have for each other.