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How To Get Your Guests To RSVP

How To Get Your Guests To RSVP

The most difficult planning part of a wedding is the placement of your guests to the appropriate table.  And to add to that, it makes it even more difficult when guests don’t RSVP on time.  Here are some tips to get your guests to RSVP on time:

-Provide a deadline and make it due on a Friday rather than a Monday.  People tend to do better with deadlines when it is towards the end of the week.

-Make it an easy process.  Provide them with a phone number where they can call, text or just leave a message.

-Create a web site with your wedding details and have guests check in with their email address.  This way you can keep in touch via email and have some sort of a correspondence with them if they do not respond on time.  Guests love to get an idea of the wedding theme and some details about the couple, so make the site fun and include lots of pics.

-Send out a Reminder Note/Card via mail a week before the RSVP date that you originally had on the invitations

-Have them respond to only Regrets Only.  This way you’ll have fewer responses to deal with

-Call to follow up.  Mention that you are hoping to see them on your special day, rather than ‘I have not received your RSVP and ….’