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"I DO" STREAM – Broadcasting your wedding live!

"I DO" STREAM – Broadcasting your wedding live!

I had the pleasure of getting to know one of the partners, Philip of “I DO” STREAM earlier today and I’m so excited to introduce his company to our brides-to-be! We have received so many calls in the past from brides asking for our help find a way to stream their big day to have friends and friends share in the special day with the couple. Worry no more, because “I DO” STREAM can help us. They provide different packages that I assure you will fit your budget and most importantly you will finally be able to rely on such a company who has been around and has so much experience. ‘We are the leader for live wedding webcasts and our customers include Graceland (Elvis’ Estate) and Disneyworld’. Here is some information on “I DO” STREAM. Make sure to visit their web site for more information and get in touch with Philip to initiate the process to steam your wedding and have your loved ones that are not able to experience your big day in person see it live!

They have also been featured on many wedding magazines. Read about them at

“I DO” STREAM – Broadcast your wedding live!

We basically offer three options for you to webcast your wedding live
depending on your budget. The three options from least expensive to
most expensive are: using your own equipment, rent our equipment or hire
a professional videographer within our network.

Getting a professional videographer from our network to do it will allow
you to concentrate on our important wedding planning tasks. Depending
on location and how long you need them to be onsite, expect to spend
around $600-$1000 for a professional to do the live webcast for you.

Using a professional will obviously give you professional results,
however, we also have an enhanced package for $595 where we will send
you all the necessary equipment (camcorder, laptop computer, broadband
wireless access through Verizon, broadcast software installed) and
detailed step by step setup instructions. We’ve made it very easy to
get started and you can enlist a friend or family member to operate the

Our basic package starts at $199 (2 hours ceremony only using your own
equipment) and all our packages includes:

* Up to 50 concurrent viewers
* Live technical support chat for viewers
* Complete monitoring and live person technical support while broadcasting
* On Demand access to video for 90 days after the event
* Guestbook for your viewers to sign
* Chat service for friends and family during the live broadcast
* Standardized email invitation created with links for you to send to
online viewers

If our services are of interest please contact at 860-681-5414 or
reserve your date today at

We are the leader for live wedding webcasts and our customers include
Graceland (Elvis’ Estate) and Disneyworld.