If you are currently sporting those coveted light blonde tresses, unless you are a natural blonde, you are probably well aware how difficult it is to maintain the beauty in those bleach ravaged locks. The dry winter weather can have just as harsh an effect on your hair as the harsh summer sun, therefore it’s important to take keep up with maintenance throughout the year. Being a blonde is a full-time job, but a little extra TLC is a small price to pay for luxury of sustaining that beautiful bombshell look. Keeping your blonde stunning doesn’t need to break the bank, or come at the price of hair resembling a crumbled haystack. Here are some quick, inexpensive beauty tips for maintaining a healthy blonde throughout the year!

1. Coconut Oil

Soaking your hair in coconut oil before a shower will greatly increase the moisture and overall strength of your hair! Coconut oil is inexpensive, and found in most grocery stores. Start with saturating the ends as they are always the most damaged, and work your way up to your scalp. Be careful not to use too much oil at the scalp because you just want to moisturize, not appear greasy! Cover your hair with a disposable shower cap or plastic wrap to keep the oil from getting everywhere, and leave it in for an hour or two. As many shampoos contain sulfate, which is especially harsh on blonde hair, using coconut oil helps prevent breakage and works as a protectant while you cleanse!

2. Proceed with caution when working with heated styling tools

One of the most common reasons hair becomes damaged is the use of styling tools such as harsh blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons. If you are a bleached/high-lift blonde, the risk for damage is far higher as your hair has already undergone significant processing, and heat causes further internal damage to the protein in your hair shaft. The obvious answer is to refrain from using styling tools on a regular basis, and when possible, let your hair air dry. Of course, during the winter months, allowing hair to air dry is a chilly process, so the next best thing to do is apply an inexpensive heat protecting oil or lotion while the hair is still damp. In addition, one common mistake made by many is use of the highest heat settings. Often the lowest setting will work just fine, and with dried out blonde hair, the lowest setting will most likely work quite well in addition to being the least damaging option.

3. Ask your stylist about bond building products that protect your hair while it’s processing

With a continuous search for finding damage-free solutions when it comes to hair processing, new products recently surfaced that actually work to strengthen your hair as your bleaches and dyes work their magic. Asking your stylist for information about possible bond building treatments can save you a big headache when maintaining the health and strength in your hair. Products such as Brazilian Bond and Olaplex hit the market by storm, rebuilding the broken bonds in hair during the harsh processing to help maintain strength, health and shine! These treatments typically add only $15-$20 to your salon service, which is a small price to pay for the continued health of your beloved blonde lengths.