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Lace Dish Candle Holder

Lace Dish Candle Holder

So I have seen so many similar images of Lace Dish Candle Holders in magazines and various wedding related sites and honestly did not think this DIY candle holder would look so lovely.  Over the weekend I attended a beautiful bridal shower at a tea house and you could clearly see that the bride-to-be had spent so much time on decorations personally done by her.  She must have done hundreds of these candle holders that set the main tone for the celebration.  I absolutely love these Lace Candle Holders!

Here is how you can make some for your Big Day:

Tie a sting on a inflated balloon

Dip the lace doilies in wallpaper glue

Let it dry

Poke a hole in the balloon

Add tea light candle for lighting