It can be tempting to consider laser hair removal before the big day. It is a quick and efficient way to keep hair at bay. Laser hair removal may be simple, but there are still quite a few risks associated with the process. It is a medical procedure after all, but it can provide plenty of beauty results.

Here are 9 tips that will make your next laser hair removal treatment as simple as possible, which is essential before your big day. Taking a few steps before, during, and after the treatment can make the process much simpler.

1 – Do not remove any of your hair for up to six weeks before your first laser treatment.

Yes, this means that you cannot pluck, wax, or otherwise remove hair roots. Your laser treatment will seek out the roots in an effort to totally eliminate hair.

2 – Avoid sunlight for weeks before treatment.

Just as you need to avoid removing hair for several weeks, you also need to stay out of the sun for six weeks. Having a recent tan or burn can actually increase your risk of complications and make the laser treatment much less effective than it usually is.

3 – Expect a small bit of discomfort.

Laser hair removal is not extremely painful; however, it may lead to some discomfort. An ice pack or anti-inflammatory cream can be extremely helpful in cooling off your legs following the procedure.

4 – Laser hair removal may require more than one treatment.

Hair removal does not generally work perfectly the first time you try it. In fact, you may notice that some of the hair has started to grow back in less than six weeks following the procedure. You may need an additional treatment or two to pick up the loose ends. This means you need to consider the treatment well before the big day.

5 – Avoid makeup for several weeks.

If you have laser hair removal performed on your face, you should avoid wearing makeup in the weeks following the procedure. This is especially the case if you have blisters, which can easily become infected. Women who are darker complected tend to experience these blisters more often.

6 – There are side effects.

Unfortunately, laser hair removal may cause some side effects. Permanent changes, including scars, are incredibly rare. Still, you may experience slight discoloration, some swelling, and more acne than usual in the weeks and months following hair removal.

7 – The cost differs.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of laser hair removal is about$429 per session. It is still important to consider that this price will change depending on the area of the area to be cleared as well as the number of sessions you require to eliminate hair.

8 – You could be allergic to it.

Some people are allergic to the gel typically used with the laser or to numb the area before the treatment. You could be one of them, and it may be helpful to ask the professional doing the procedure if they can use it on just a small bit of skin ahead of time.

9 – Beware of bulk packages.

Many packages will try to sell you five or six sessions at a great price. That’s great! The only problem is that you may only need two or three sessions to achieve the best results.

Laser hair removal may be your next move. Just make sure to begin planning the process early on.