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Living Styles: The Floral Home

Living Styles: The Floral Home

There are so many benefits to having plants in the home! Not only does it make your space more welcoming and beautiful, but it also improves your health without you even realizing it. Plants are the best decorations you could add. You could even match their pots with your color scheme, and watch how your house lights up.

House plants help clean the air in your home! They purify it and decrease likelihoods of catching colds, sore throats, and prevent breakouts. They also help brighten your mood, inspire creativity, help your mental health and just overall make your house a home. NASA has a list of the best plants to keep that are renowned for purifying air.

The best rooms to keep plants in include living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Adding some green to your tables enhances absolutely everything around it.

Kitchen plants go well on the table, on shelves, or hanging. Some beautiful kitchen plants include aluminum plants, chinese evergreens, and aloe vera.

Some plants that grow flourishingly in the humid environment that your bathroom contains are grape ivies, peperomia, tillandsias, spider plants, and orchids.

Plant hangers also add a great feel to any room. Seeing flowers hanging from the ceiling is enough to make your guests gape in awe.

If you’re someone that’s superstitious, there are several plants known for bringing luck, wealth, and prosperity! These include jade plants, money trees, morning glories, boston ferns, and lotus flowers!

Whether your placing them in mason jars, creating a flower wall, placing them in carts or shelves, plants are an amazing addition to any home. They create a warm feel, and brighten your day when you water them and know you’re giving them life. Avoid exposing them to too much sunlight and make sure to take great care of them!