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Living Styles: Create Coziness with Hygge

Living Styles: Create Coziness with Hygge

Hygge is a word of Norwegian origin meaning a sense of cozy comfort. It is practiced in Denmark, but it can be applied to homes anywhere in the world. In short, it’s about the little things that bring you joy. Here are some ways to bring hygge into your life and home:

Create Warmth

Hygge is all about the comfort of warmth and togetherness. You can create this sense with literal warmth by consuming warm drinks or keeping a fire going. Or, you could decorate with warm, earthy colors. Place plenty of plush blankets around and adding rugs and carpet to warm bare floors. You can impart emotional warmth by displaying photographs of beloved friends, family, and pets.

Soften the Light

Using candlelight in the home is a beloved Danish tradition. At dusk, switch off overhead lights and create warm, cozy pools of light instead. Opt for candles that are natural and unscented–remember, hygge is about simplicity. If you prefer, use multiple small lamps with delicate shades that soften the light.

Bring Nature Indoors

Few things are as calming and relaxing as nature. Consider buying potted plants to get closer to nature indoors. Or, display photos, prints, or paintings of flora and fauna; surround them with frames made of natural materials such as wood or stones. Accessories like rustic wood coasters and natural-fiber throws work well to bring in the outdoors, too.

Keep it Simple

It is important to avoid clutter when creating a sense of hygge. You will want to have a place for everything and everything in its place. The clean, streamlined look of Scandinavian design is often displayed in the homes of those who practice hygge. When it comes to hygge, less truly is more!