Most newly married young couples don’t have a lot of furniture to start with. That’s something that is lovingly accumulated as the years go by. A great design aesthetic that focuses on airy, open spaces is what Scandinavian design is all about. It’s a living style that can be perfect for a couple that’s just beginning to “set up housekeeping” in their first home.

Scandinavian design is all about light and subtlety. It’s great for minimalists or for people who are interested in moving toward a simpler way of life. Check out a some of the important features that define this clean design look:

Light Colors

  • Light colored walls and furnishings are typical of Scandinavian design.
  • Pastels often play a big role in the design sensibilities Scandinavians. In a country with long winters where the sun seems to barely rise in the sky, pale colors and lots of white cheer up the space.

Lots of Wood

  • Scandinavians love the warmth that wood brings to their pale rooms, and usually incorporate it in each room, whether in furniture, flooring or accents.


  • No clutter and simple furnishings define modern Scandinavian style.
  • Scandinavian furniture is simple and clean-lined rather than fussy.

Pops of Color

  • In rooms that are mainly white, small pops of color really stand out (like they do on an artist’s blank white canvas).
  • A bright settee in a Scandinavian living room stands out against an all-white background that includes white ceilings, white walls and even white wood floors.

Scandinavian’s clean lines also work well with mid-century hand-me-downs from your grandma, a bonus for newlyweds who may be making do with a few family furniture donations. Lace is great too, which is a traditional Scandinavian feature in many dining rooms.

The point here is that you can make things you’re “making do” with, into things you actually like, and create a simple, yet attractive first home.