Now that the wedding and honeymoon are over, you’re ready to start your new life. Between bridal shower and wedding gifts, you’ve likely got some of the basics (linens, dinnerware, cookware, etc.). But have you considered what kind of atmosphere you want to live in as a couple? More than likely, some compromise is in order!  Here are some basic themes that may help guide you in discovering your own unique living style.

Minimalist: For folks who like to keep things clean, crisp and simple, this style requires good organization.  Clean lines, minimal clutter, often modern in its essence, a minimalist’s space requires places to stow everyday items after use. Objects on display are few and special, and they will definitely stand out. Monochromatic rooms with varying textures work well.  The minimalist’s motto? Less is more!

Country: Country decor is more relaxed and doesn’t necessarily need to mean lots of clutter or gingham! Warm, weathered finishes are a hallmark of this style, as is texture and comfort. Quilt-covered beds, distressed furniture, crockery and casual decor are hallmarks.  You can keep things spare and clean (ala the Shakers), or go for a farmhouse look with a pine table or butcher block counter-tops and open shelving in the kitchen.  The overall look is lived-in, and laid-back.

Traditional: Think classic, timeless rooms.  A proper dining room table and chairs, a tailored sofa, artfully arranged flowers, are examples of things making up a traditional room.

Eclectic: The theory here is that objects you truly love will usually work together.  An eclectic style is a mixture of styles for those who have more varied tastes. You might mix a traditional four-poster bed with ‘funky’ bed linens, for example. This style might be a great compromise for creating a home that expresses both your tastes, especially if they are really different!

Tastes change over time, evolving, just as we evolve individually and as couples.  The main thing is to have fun, take your time, and create a space that you both can call home!