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How to Make the Bold Lip Look Work for You

How to Make the Bold Lip Look Work for You

Bold lip colors are dramatic during the day and luxurious at night. Have you been shying away because you think you can’t wear them? Actually, the bold lip look can work for anybody! Here’s how.

First, choose the right color. Here are some guidelines:

Fair Skin

If you have pink undertones, choose cool violet-based shades like raspberry or fuchsia, or cool reds with a bluish tint. If you have yellow undertones, choose orange-red, classic bright red, cherry red, or shades with orange undertones.
Medium Skin

If you have warm medium skin, choose warm shades like true red; actually, almost any shade of red works for those with medium skin because of its naturally “golden” undertones. If you have olive skin, choose brick-red as it is the most flattering of the red shades for your skin tone.
Dark Skin

If you have dark skin, choose rich, deep shades like wine or berry; if you’re looking for a more reddish tone, choose crimson or deep burgundy.
If you have very deep dark skin, choose brick-red and deep fuchsia shades. Remember: None of these are hard-and-fast rules. It’s best to test several different shades from the same color family to see what’s right for you!

How to Apply

Use a lip pencil first (find the closest match to your color!) to make your color last longer and give a polished look. Trace the outline of your lips, paying particular attention to the cupid’s bow. If you wish, you can fill in lips entirely to prevent your color from “bleeding” over the edge of your lips. Then, apply color. Applying lipstick from the tube delivers the most color. Start in the middle and work outwards. When using a bold lipstick, keep blush and eye makeup minimal.

Problems and Solutions

Trying out a new look sometimes throws a few curve balls. Check out these simple solutions to common problems with bold lip looks:

You Have Flaky Lips

Bold colors such as red can highlight dry or flaky spots. Before applying color, de-flake with a toothbrush or using a scrub formulated for lips. Then, apply balm and let it sit a couple of minutes before proceeding.

Your Shade is Too Bright

If you’re going for bold but end up with a more vibrant look, you don’t have to start all over. Just blot with a tissue, then apply a deeper shade from the same color family over it.

You Have Vertical Lip Lines

Use a lip brush–it makes color adhere to lips and fills lines better. But first, use a matching lip liner to line the natural border of your upper lip and just below the bottom lip before applying color.

Your Lips are Two Different Shades

Fill in your lighter lip with a pencil that matches the darker one, then apply lipstick over it.