Meditation can bring many benefits. It is known to lower blood pressure, decrease anxiety and even provide relief from chronic pain. Are you ready to get started? Read on to learn more!

Try a Mini Meditation

Sit in a comfortable position. Start out with just five minutes. Consider setting the timer on your phone or microwave so you don’t stop too soon! Focus on your breathing. When you begin to lose focus, return your thoughts to the gentle rhythm of your inhalation and exhalation. The longer you can stay honed in on your breathing, the more relaxed you will begin to feel.

Now that you have tried this simple practice session, and you see how relaxing meditation is, you’ll want to pursue it further. There are several different types of meditation, and here’s a quick look at them:

Mindful meditation – this type of meditation is very similar to the introduction you just did — it simply requires you to focus on your breathing and have the discipline to refocus if your mind starts to wander.

Mantra meditation – this type of meditation requires you to sit in silence and repeat a meaningful word (such as om) or any sound you prefer.

Walking meditation – this type of meditation requires you to walk and totally focus your mind on that walk (no phones allowed!); for instance, you can pay attention to how the contact of your foot on the ground feels; as you walk, make a conscious effort to refocus if your mind starts to wander.

Guided meditation – this type of meditation can be guided by a voice in person or via a recording (Tip: You can get free sessions of up to 30 minutes each with the Calm app). As with the other types of meditation, you focus on inhalations and exhalations — in with relaxation and out with tension. During this time, you will focus your mind on a calm, peaceful place and imagine details (like the sound of water trickling in a brook).

Sleep meditation (i.e., yoga Nidra) – this type of guided meditation features a voice that leads you from wakefulness into a deep sleep.

Now that you have tried meditation and you know about several kinds, it’s time to create the practice of regular meditation. All it takes is a few minutes, a few times a week to reap noticeable benefits. Remember: in with relaxation, out with tension!

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