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Million Dollar Dress Preservation – 5 Things You Can Do To Preserve Your Wedding Dress

Million Dollar Dress Preservation – 5 Things You Can Do To Preserve Your Wedding Dress

If your wedding day is fast approaching, you may already be wondering how to preserve your wedding dress after the big day. You may not be wearing a million dollar Versace masterpiece butyour wedding day is the start of your married life and your dress will be the best reminder of the occasion. If you want to give your dress a million dollar preservation, here are five top tips to follow.

#1. Ask The Supplier For Detailed Care Instructions

Ask the designer or sales consultant who sold you the dress for explicit care instructions. You cannot find all information on the dress label, despite Federal Trade Commission regulations ensuring that all dresses have care labels. Your dress may have sequins, bows, seams or trims that are fragile and require specialist cleaning – this will not be stated on the label. Some designers use glue that would be damaged by dry cleaning. You cannot expect all of this information to be written on the dress’ label so always ask for instructions from whoever sold you the dress.

#2. Use A Dress Preservation Service

Most dry cleaning firms offer a wedding gown preservation service. This involves professionally cleaning the dress, removing stains and then following archival storage procedures to store the dress in a preservation box. While preservation services command high prices, they are worth every penny. You cannot have your dress dry cleaned, put it in a box yourself and expect professional preservation results. Professional preservers know all the tricks such as storing the dress in an acid-free box. This will keep your dress looking perfect for years to come without it yellowing or becoming discolored.

#3. Choose A Window Box

Although they cost more, boxes with clear windows on the front are far better for storing your dress. When you contact a company who specialize in dress preservation, you will be given the choice of having a plain box or a window box. Window boxes let you view and admire your dress without having to open it. This will keep the dress in optimum condition, as fewer contaminants will be able to enter. Always choose a window box to give your wedding gown a million dollar preservation.

#4. Store The Dress In A Cool Dark Place

Professional dress preservation is only half the challenge. Storage conditions are your real enemy. While you don’t need to go to the extreme of storing the dress in a temperature and humidity controlled cabinet – such as those used to store wine – you do need to be vigilant. Even preserved dresses will ruin if kept in moist or humid conditions. Store the dress in a cool dark place away from humidity, moisture and heat.

#5. Check The Dress Once A Year

The final tip is to regularly check the condition of your dress once a year. This is a legitimate archival technique – all stored documents and artifacts are regularly inspected. By checking regularly, you can check whether any previously unidentified stains have developed on your dress. Nipping problems in the bud will ensure that your dress stays perfect for decades to come.


Whether you choose wedding gown cleaners in Chicago or elsewhere to preserve your dress, be sure to follow the five tips outlined in this article. Your dress with thank you! What do you think of our tips? Leave us a comment or question about wedding gown preservation below!

Author Bio:

Today’s post has been contributed by Nicola Joseph, who is associated with Image Drycleaners, providers of dry cleaning services in Chicago. She enjoys going on camping trips during her free time. You can follow her on Twitter: @nicolajoseph12.