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Modern Fitness

Modern Fitness

When it comes to the fitness industry, there is always an ebb and tide in trends. While some of these trends fade away others are more sustainable. The latter also evolve based on what the latest philosophies, equipment, classes and exercise routines are. While it’s good to have a choice in the type of fitness routine you follow, sometimes the sheer volume and variety of theories can be overwhelming. While there is a lot of fluidity in what modern fitness is all about, let’s take a look at what people today want from it.

Smart workouts

Most people have some basic understanding of different types of fitness routines and recognize the fact that they need to pick something that suits their lifestyle and is sustainable. The other aspect is that of time; most people just don’t have the luxury to involve themselves in complex and lengthy training schedules; it’s why they look for smart workouts such as interval training that has a number of scientifically-proven benefits. The focus of these workouts is prevention and recovery.

Fitness that focuses on activity

People today want to find workout routines that will keep them coming back and they want their session to be fun and keep them engaged; it’s why activity-oriented workouts are a very important aspect of modern fitness. Martial arts, boxing, piloxing, Surf Yoga, anaerobic and aerobic exercises and anything that offers a good dose of fun and activity in one package are the latest modern fitness trends.

Group training sessions

This is closely linked with the previous point and many studios and fitness centers offer group workout sessions that are more engaging than a standard gym workout where each person just exercises on their own. This is also why there is a mushrooming of health boutiques that conduct indoor cycling courses such as” heartbeat & power”, “competition”, “ group display”, visual rides etc.. Computer systems are used to create virtual environments as part of an indoor cycling routine. The idea is to add a unique, fun quotient to an otherwise traditional workout to drive away the monotony and boredom.

In addition to these concepts, there is an increase in the courses such as boot camps, Zumba, Pilates, jumping fitness and fascia workouts. And so modern fitness is a lot about making exercise and workouts less about set routines and stringent routines, and more about taking the time to exercise your body and have some fun along the way.