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Why You Need To Do A Wardrobe Detox

Why You Need To Do A Wardrobe Detox

One of the best things you can do throughout the year is to do a periodic wardrobe detox. Rather than collecting and hoarding clothes you never really wear, the detox is a great way to figure out what you need to purchase. Besides helping you decide what you need to buy, it is also a fantastic way to give your look the kickstart it needs and reinvent your style.

A wardrobe detox is a pretty simple process. A journey begins with a first step. And in this case, the first step is to go through your closet – all of it. What do you have in there? What would you rather chuck or get rid of it, what does not fit you as well anymore, or just is not the right color? These are all questions to ask yourself as you sort through your wardrobe.

So now you’ve opened your cupboard, and it is time to examine every single article of clothing you own. However, do you have your summer and winter clothing separated? If not, you must separate the two as you take everything out of your cupboard. Summer shorts, beachwear, tank tops go in one pile, while winter outfits such as sweaters, trousers, winter dresses go in another pile.

The decision is whether to keep the clothing, give away or alter it. For each article of clothing you try on, you must ask yourself three fundamental questions:

1. Do I like this?

2. Does it suit me?

3. Is this color flattering for my complexion?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, it means you should probably get rid of the clothing. Same goes for any clothing that is damaged in any way (i.e. holes or stains) and/or is too small.  You can only keep the items you absolutely love, and if the size is too big, you can always alter it. Clothing that you are getting rid of can easily be donated to charity.

So now you’ve done the initial work and established what pieces you are keeping – now the real work begins. Separate your trousers, skirts, jumpers and other clothing items in piles. Now you use the piles to create different outfits with your items, such as pairing different shirts and skirts, sweaters and skirts etc. If you own a selfie stick, take photos of each look (or have a spouse or friend take pictures of each outfit) when you have each look completed.

Once you are done, it’s judgment time: scroll to the beginning of your outfit pictures and delete anything which is not flattering, or you do not like. The outfits you like can go back in the cupboard and hanged up neatly. For organization ease, you can arrange either by look or by color. For each look that you like, print out the pictures and tack them up inside your closet so you always have outfit ideas ready to go.

In order to have an organized cupboard, try to keep these rules in your mind and do a detox every so often. You can make the process more social by inviting friends over, and ask them to help judge the looks. Plus, you can give them what does not fit with you, which makes the process a little more fun.