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New Fall Trend – Aubergine Partnered With Greens And Greys

New Fall Trend – Aubergine Partnered With Greens And Greys

When it comes to wedding colors and themes, you have to be creative and unique to stand out from all the other weddings out there. It is not really important to ‘stand out’ as long as you are happy with your wedding day, but most people really want to ensure that their wedding is memorable among the guests, and be spoken of even when the day is over. Because of this, you get to see many weddings with interesting choice of combination of colors. One of the new trend in wedding color combination choice is aubergine partnered with greens and greys.

Now before we move on, many of you might never heard of the color aubergine before. Aubergine is basically the dark purplish color that you see on European eggplants. In other words, aubergine is the purple color that you see on eggplants. Another name for aubergine color is, well, eggplant color (seriously!). It is in one of the many shades of violet. The first ever recorded use of the word “aubergine” in English was found in 1915, and later popularized by Crayola, the crayon manufacturer, in 1998. Okay, enough facts about the color aubergine.

Setting the color theme of your wedding to aubergine may help to set the mood of your wedding. The color aubergine may also help you to express certain emotions of your wedding. This color symbolizes magic, spirituality, royalty, wisdom and creativity. The color aubergine exudes the feeling of active and dynamic energy along with calming liveliness. Because of this, the color is associated with inspiration and imagination, as well as romanticism and feminine.            But when mixed together with shades of greens and gray, aubergine augments the effect of exoticness and rarity. Way to set a statement on your wedding day – by using this color combination.

The mix of greens and greys with aubergine brings and earthy and conservative tone to all the romantic spirit in the air, as green gives a striking highlight to the color, sparkling a perfect combination, while the gray color will make it more balanced instead of leaning towards the feminine side. From the table spreads to the door gifts, to the entrance arch, and basically everything at your wedding can be a mix of aubergine, grey and green. It is definitely a beautiful color combination that will definitely enthrall all of your guests, making your wedding a one to remembe