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New Shapes to Come

New Shapes to Come

So the trend is going toward wedding flowers not having to be gathered in perfect mounds and similar arrangements.  Florists are designing unique settings positioning blooms to artfully reach up, down, sideways and any other direction you can think of.

Different settings give the decorations a unique look.  Reach high while it’s true that ruler-straight lines rarely occur in nature these flowers come remarkably close.  Have them stand tall and proud for a modern, uplifting look.  Try dutch irises and scabiosa for this look.

Spread out the arrangements for your tables by using organic greenery to arc, drift, shoot up and hang how just the way nature intended.

Most of the time ceremony arrangements are used for the reception decorations so why not give it a unique touch to these tall standing arrangements.  Instead of relying on tons of flowers, use long vines and branches sprayed in gold and matching colors to make it distinctive and dramatic.