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Home Decor: When Newlyweds Disagree About Style

Home Decor: When Newlyweds Disagree About Style

When newlyweds get their first home together, it’s an exciting time. But what happens if you and your spouse disagree about the style of your home’s decor. This conflict can lead to arguments and hurt feelings, which isn’t good when you’re newly married. To avoid problems, work on compromising to get a look that you’ll both love.

Examples of Blending Two Styles for a Fabulous Look

Wall Color — One person in a marriage might like a modern look and opt for gray walls in the rooms of the home. The other person might prefer a more traditional look and want beige paint on the walls. A great compromise is to select taupe. This color is the perfect blend of gray and beige that results in a marvelous, transitional color that will look excellent in any home.

Countertops — One spouse might love the idea of quartz countertops for the kitchen and bathrooms because of its strength, durability, and low maintenance as well as its modern appeal. The other spouse might prefer the classic look of marble with its elegant veining and luxurious appearance. For a perfect compromise, choose quartz that resembles a marble top, and you’ll have the best of both worlds.

Dining Room Table — Even something as small as a piece of furniture can cause conflicts. If one person in the marriage wants the modern look that a glass table offers, but the other person wants the majesty of a large, wooden table, then it can lead to quite a quarrel. Try a glass table top with a wooden border along its edges and a wood base for a traditional look with a modern flair.

Even if two people have strong, opposing opinions on how to set up and decorate a home, solutions do exists. Don’t argue or try to win your point. Instead, blend the best aspects of you and your spouse’s preferences to create a fabulous look that you both will adore.