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Stressed About Your Upcoming Nuptials? Bring Meditation into Your Wedding Planning

Stressed About Your Upcoming Nuptials? Bring Meditation into Your Wedding Planning

If you are currently planning your wedding, you can likely rattle off at least 10 things you need to get done over the next few weeks. Maybe even the next few days — all in preparation for your wedding.

Maybe you’re finding yourself more and more stressed about this. After all, your wedding is your “big day!” It’s THE day in which you publicly profess your love for your partner to the world! Every guest will have high expectations about the food, the music, the ceremony, the decor, your dress, hair, and makeup (at least, this is what many brides imagine to be true).

If even reading those paragraphs is making your heart speed up a bit more than normal, you are not alone. A cursory Google search for “wedding stress” returns more than 53,000,000 results. If you are finding yourself becoming more and more anxious about your upcoming wedding, we have a solution for you –meditation.

What Meditation Is

Meditation, in its most basic form, is the simple practice of focusing your thoughts. For many people, this can be as simple as unplugging yourself from your surrounding environment and finding a quiet place to sit and relax. Others may find that they need more guidance, and prefer to meditate in a class setting or withguided meditation recordings.

The end result will be clearing your mind, relaxing your body, and releasing the stress that we inadvertently accumulate throughout the day.

How to Use Meditation

As a stressed-out bride, there are a few ways meditation can help you.

First, meditation will help add some stability to your routine. Many people find that by putting their meditation practice at the top of their to-do list and doing it first thing in the morning, they feel more clear-headed, alert, and calm for the rest of the day. What bride wouldn’t want that?

Second, meditation can help you let go of the anxiety that you may be feeling about the wedding. “What will people think about this meal? What will my future-in-laws say about the ceremony being held in this church instead of that one?” There are countless stressors that can pile up; meditation is wonderful at helping you let many of these go.

Finally, when the big day finally arrives and something inevitably goes wrong — there’s a technical glitch in the sound system, the caterer brings the wrong wine, the flower girl doesn’t want to go down the aisle — you will be so chill. Meditation not only helps us handle things that are currently going on in our lives, it helps us prepare for future stressors, too.

Helpful Meditation Resources

Explore some of these guided meditation recordings for general stress-relief. Check out this article on How to Meditate. Finally, bliss out on this Zen Bride Wedding Morning Practice!

Stressed about your wedding? Feeling pressure to have a perfect day that makes everyone else happy? Let us know in the comments — and be sure to tell us if you give meditation a chance!