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Ombre and Balayage Trend

Ombre and Balayage Trend

Hair trends seem to change year to year, with the exception of gradient hair. No longer are full highlights on trend – today it is more about gradual color changes throughout the hair. The benefit of gradual colors, such as ombre and the balayage trend are the more natural look that they provide a woman. Each style provides a dimension to your beauty that is unavailable from any other style.


Ombre is French for shading. It is a low maintenance trend that requires much less frequent touch-ups. It is characterized by a gradual color change from top to bottom, typically with dark roots and lighter ends. Women with almost any complexion can get away with this trend since it allows for a large variety of shades right near the face and lighter shades near the ends. If you have always wanted to go blonde, this is the perfect way to try it out – go darker on the roots with blondish ends and you can gradually break into the blonde look that you desire.


Balayage hair has been around for a long time, but this year has really hit the charts as a trendy style, especially with celebrities. Another French word, Balayage means to paint and it’s reminiscent of the hair that we all had as children – beautiful sun kissed hair, untouched by the environment or too many styling aides. Balayage is only performed on the surface of your hair, not the entire depth of it, with the exception of the tips. There is no method to the madness when the stylist paints your hair; there are no foils or other fancy materials used. It is a technique that is performed completely by freehand. Balayage also requires very little upkeep and is perfect for the budget minded fashionista.