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Paleo Diet Takeover

Paleo Diet Takeover

If there was ever a diet to make itself well known and find its way through the normal “fad” stage it is the Paleo diet. It is not so much a diet as it is a way of life. Think of it as the way the cavemen ate. They were on to something good as they suffered from a very small fraction of the illnesses and fatal diseases that we suffer from today. If you are ready to turn your life around and feel better all of the time, you might want to give it a try.

What do they Eat?

As with any diet, there are do’s and don’ts, but there are no crazy foods or disgusting drinks to consume on this diet. The Paleo diet is filled with whole foods – foods the way we were meant to eat them. Think fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood. The key is to stick to a low-carbohydrate diet. This does not mean you will never eat another delicious carb again; it means you watch your intake and center your diet mostly on the foods that will feed your body what it needs.

The “No” List

The list of foods that you should not eat if you want to follow a Paleo diet is basically anything that comes in a box from the supermarket. Instead, you should focus on foods that are in their natural state. There should be no additives or preservatives – nothing processed. Anything with gluten or sugar is also off limits.

The Good News

The best news about the Paleo diet is NO CALORIE COUNTING! If you stick to a whole foods diet, you do not have to worry about counting every calorie that you consume. If you skip the pasta, bread and desserts, you will look and feel great and get to enjoy eating once again. What could be better than that?