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The Benefits Of Planning a Seasonal Wedding

The Benefits Of Planning a Seasonal Wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding there have truly never been more options and resources at your disposal! From international wedding fairs and luxury markets to specialist boutiques and online companies, it can seem overwhelming when you first enter into the world of wedding planning.

Not to worry! If you have been struggling to pick a theme for your special day, or if you simply can’t decide whether to get married in winter, spring, summer or fall, then listed below are some of the benefits of planning a seasonal wedding which will help you and your spouse to pick the perfect date;

Enables you to take advantage of off-season rates

One of the main benefits of planning a seasonal wedding is the ability to schedule your special day around ‘high’ and ‘low’ wedding season rates. By choosing a date in the ‘off-season’, when less couples will be inclined to wed, you can secure your ideal venue and many of the more expensive elements of your dream wedding for substantially lower rates.

Due to the fact that many brides wish to be married in warm weather conditions, spring and summer weddings scheduled between June and September tend to be more expensive. Conversely, late winter and early spring wedding scheduled for after Christmas and New Year’s from mid-January until the end of March tend to be substantially cheaper.

After all, as wedding author Sharon Naylor advises; “All vendors are open to negotiation, but you’ll find increased opportunities with photographers, videographers and limousine companies…Weddings make up a greater percentage of their overall business, so during off-season they actively seek out wedding couples”.

Consequently, if you have been trying to arrange a memorable yet affordable wedding then planning a seasonal wedding may be the answer to your budgetary problems!

Helps to refine your wedding arrangement options

Planning a seasonal wedding can often be far easier and less stressful to organize than attempting to orchestrate a niche themed wedding because all you will have to do is pair your wedding arrangements with the natural beauty of the season in question.

For example, once you have decided whether you want a winter wonderland wedding or summertime beachside nuptials, you will be able to rapidly refine your choice of wedding dress styles, fabric options and matching accessories to suit the climate and temperature of the season in question.

In this same manner, seasonal weddings enable you to efficiently pick a venue whose surroundings will best compliment your theme. Whereas woodland resorts will be perfect for capturing breathtaking autumnal wedding photographs, beachside venues can be the ideal settings upon which to organize outdoor summer themed wedding events!

Provides cost-effective menu options and floral arrangements

By planning a seasonal wedding, you will also be enable to take advantage of widely available seasonal produce which you will be able to incorporate within your special day. For instance, you could choose to incorporate seasonal food and drink within your wedding menu in order to eliminate some of the stress associated with designing an appropriate meal for your wedding reception.

What’s more, planning a seasonal wedding will also enable you to acquire cost-effective in-season blooms for your floral arrangements! As international floral company Arena Flowers explain; seasonal wedding bouquets “can be used to reflect the colour scheme of the time of the year that the wedding will take place”. Not only will these bouquets be more affordable than alternative floral varieties, but they will also brilliantly compliment the natural scenery of your chosen venue. If you are not well-versed in floral varieties, you can utilize online resources such as Bridal Guide’s seasonal floral chart to find beautiful yet cost-effective in-season blooms.