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How to Protect Your Face From the Summer Sun

How to Protect Your Face From the Summer Sun

The moment we have all been waiting for is almost here. We have braved the brisk Fall, cold winter, and the emotionally unstable behavior of spring. We have earned this. We have worked hard, and now it is our reward.

I am talking about summer. The season of sunshine. Long days of sipping lemonade poolside, watching the swimmers splash around in the water while we soak up the long-awaited rays of the sun. Finally, we will have that sun-kissed glow that does not require a bronzer. We are free from make-up, moisturizer and doing our hair.

But wait, before you throw out your skin care products in a whimsical whirlwind of glee, remember that summer skin requires just as much if not more attention than winter skin. The good news is that you can still be fashionable, tan and healthy. Keep reading to find out how.

Wear Sunscreen

Skipping this part is easy. Many women will argue that they spent their whole childhood without sunscreen, and they are fine. I hate to remind you of this, but the sun is not what it used to be. Without getting into a bunch of scientific reasoning, know that the sun’s rays may be more damaging now than they were in your youth. This goes for darker skinned people as well. Just because you have more melanin in your skin does not preclude you from the damages of the sun.

Nowadays, there is protection for your face that does not clog your pores. If you are prone to breakouts, this will be important to you. Also, they make the lotion much lighter than they used to, so instead of feeling like you are layering your face with a pile of mud, it will just feel like your everyday moisturizer.

Grab a Hat

Hats are in now. They come in all different styles, including big, floppy rims. Pair a hat with a retro bathing suit and extra large sunglasses, and you are going to look like you are straight out of a magazine. Plus, the cap doubles as a sun protector so your face will be protected.

If you are going on a boat, be sure to wear a hat that ties around your chin. Trust me, this will be important.

Buy SPF Sunglasses

Eye protection is a must in the summer, but you can’t just grab any old pair. Eyes are sensitive and are just as susceptible to the harmful rays of the sun like every other part of your body.

When looking for a pair of sunglasses, make sure that they have a sun protection factor (or SPF) labeled on them. This will protect you from harmful UVB rays.

Summer should be fun and relaxing. Following these three simple steps will ensure that the summer of 2019 does not turn you into a wrinkly old woman in the summer of 2029.