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Quick Removal Of Red Wine Stains On Your Dress

Quick Removal Of Red Wine Stains On Your Dress

Your wedding celebration is about to be over and you and you are delighted on how successful it turned out to be. Now you’re on your way to the venue where your wedding pictures are going to be taken when all of a sudden you noticed a red blot on your heavenly white dress. This is a disaster! Someone might have accidentally poured red wine on your dress and you’re still not through with the wedding pics! What are you going to do? While this may seem to be a perfect time to panic, there’s always a handy solution you can do in removing this red wine stain off your dress and we are going to talk more about it on this post.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to remove this blot of stain in time for your wedding picture taking. Take note that this procedure can only take effect if the red wine stain is newly introduced into the bridal dresses:

1. Prepare all the things you will need for the removal process: 2 small face towels, a glass of lukewarm water, paper towels, and a handy blow dryer.

2. Get a piece of face towel and slightly moisten it with lukewarm water. Apply the wet towel to the affected area starting from the outside portion of the stain then slowly moving into the inside. Get the other face towel and use it to wipe of the excess moisture on the dress. You will begin to notice that the stain will be absorbed by the dry towel and this is an indication that you are doing the right thing. Continue doing the procedure until the red stain turns to pale red.

3. Complete the stain removal with the use of paper towels and wipe of the remaining stain off your dress. Do this until the red stain is completely removed.

4. Finish the procedure by drying the dress completely with the use of the blow dryer.

Note: This removal process will work on most wedding dress fabrics and styles. Seeing red on your dress may be alarming. But you don’t have to necessarily panic as there are quick and effective solutions in removing red wine stains off your dress. Just follow the steps mentioned and you’ll be able to save yourself a lot of trouble and maintain your positive aura until your wedding celebration ends.