Any Google search about what the hottest new trend is will turn up at least five or six results on rose gold hair color, and, while it is stunning, it is also everywhere. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re bound to catch a glimpse within the next few weeks. It’s one of those beauty trends that, as badly as you want to try it, is as overplayed as Kim K’s cryface gif.

The color is incredible, though. And so romantic. Imagine your beautiful, soft pink mane of hair flowing behind you, the perfect complement to your painstakingly chosen shades of lavender and yellow. Better yet, imagine that hair on the beach with perfectly undone waves and a pretty flower crown. It fits every setting and, if done well, every skin tone.

But how do you stay on trend without looking just like everyone else? Don’t worry! These three ways to stay on top of the trend are not only fashion forward, but guaranteed to make you stand out in the crowd.

1. Pair it with Dark Roots or Tips

A color this romantic is bound to show up over and over in white clothes, against pale backgrounds, and in washed out Instagram photos. But how pretty would it look contrasted with something, like, say, jet black tips? Or dip dyed on beautiful dark grey or brown tresses? The possibilities with something like this are endless, because it’s incredible on its own, but surprisingly versatile! Just make sure that if you’re using it as an accent, your accessories and other trimmings are catered to match!

2. Blend it with Strawberry Blonde

Your hair will look a beautifully styled tuft of cupcake icing with rose gold peeking out from beneath beautiful blond hair. Using lowlights or peek-a-boo streaks in rose gold to complement your already light and fluffy hair color is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Not only is this look subtle and fun, but it gives you the edge to stand out above other rose gold wearers who are dyeing their whole head.

3. Don’t Miss Your Eyebrows

One trend that does not seem to be going away is dramatic, filled-in, fleeking eyebrows. And while this look is gorgeous, who is to say you can’t do the same with pink eyebrows? I.E. rose gold eyebrows that match your brand new beautiful hair? No one is! If you’re not totally attached to beautiful, dark, thick eyebrows, or if you’re just looking for something new, dyeing your eyebrows (or filling them in a shade that matches your rose gold hair) is a perfect option that will definitely make you stand out, especially if you can do your make-up to compliment them. You’ll look like a goddess with naturally golden pink hair, and no one can tell you you’re wrong.


Whether or not you decide to follow the rose gold hair trend, the important thing to remember is that there is always a way to accentuate your unique beauty and style. Keep your eyes peeled for beauty trends that you like, and never be afraid to take ownership of them and make them all yours!