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3 Easy Changes in Your Routine to Get Back Your Summer Body

3 Easy Changes in Your Routine to Get Back Your Summer Body

Winter clothes are usually quite forgiving to your body. Once you’ve layered up quite a bit, it’s not possible to tell what you look like underneath. So you might end up gaining a few pounds in the winter without even noticing it.

And when bikini season comes around again, women start wondering how they should shed those pounds. If you want to start wearing those pretty summer dresses and short shorts, here are few tips to help you get your summer body back:

Fruits and Veggies

In the summer months, you might actually feel better if you eat more fruits and veggies rather than rich foods laden with cream and butter. Those felt nice in the winter months but, in the summer, they’re going to weigh you down.

And the best part is that fruits and veggies will also help your body to slim down and your skin to glow. But remember not to go on a crash diet because this will backfire. Keep eating some carbohydrates and proteins as well, especially proteins as these will help you to develop muscle tone.


Pick a form of exercise that you like. Luckily, it’s getting warmer outside. So you can always go out for a walk, either by yourself, with a friend or with your dog.

Some people think that if they can’t do any high impact exercise like running, then there’s no point exercising at all. But the fact is that any form of exercise adds up in the long run, helping you to shed the pounds and develop muscle. Even regular walkers have great legs, just like runners.

Of course, if you like running, trekking, swimming or any other form of intense cardio, then go for it. But if you don’t, then at least go for a walk.


Women are always reluctant to pick up weights because they think that they’re going to get bulky. But the fact is that you have to lift really heavy weights if you want to get a bodybuilder’s body. We’re not talking about weights like that. If you just lift one, two or three pound weights, you should still be able to get some tone and feel confident when you show off those arms and legs.

Even just 15 minutes of weight training everyday can lead to a body that you feel good about within a couple of months. Do upper body on one day and lower body the next so that you don’t wear out your muscles.