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Seven Tricks to Making Beauty Look Effortless

Seven Tricks to Making Beauty Look Effortless

Beauty is such a complex word. It can mean different things to different people. There is physical beauty and inner beauty. But let’s be honest, the world sees the physical beauty before it sees the inner beauty. We all judge a book by its cover. That’s how we know if we want to read the chapters. Taking pride in your appearance is not vain; it is simply creating a polished cover so that people are intrigued to find out what is inside.

Going to the grocery story in your pajamas is not the best way to advertise yourself. You might be doing it because you are tired, but the message you are telling the world is that you just don’t care about yourself. Conversely, going to the gym with full make-up and hair also might create a misleading message that you are there more to strut your stuff than you are to get in better shape.

The key to outward beauty is to look beautiful without the appearance of effort. Don’t be fooled, effortless beauty takes a lot of effort. However, there are seven things that you can do to show people that you care about your appearance, but you want to be taken seriously at the same time.

1. Keep the lipstick neutral. Pink, peach or beige are good options

2. Style your hair in a way that does not require a can of hairspray to hold in place. Talk to your stylist  about low-maintenance cuts.

3. Always wear mascara.

4. Shape your eyebrows.

5. Let up on the foundation. Use it to cover blemishes, but don’t cake it on.

6. Use a bronzer to add a little color to cheeks.

7. Pay attention to your outfit. Your clothes will tell a story about you. Think about what you want your narrative to be.

It’s not that hard to put a little effort into the way that you look. You will find that you will gain more confidence and people will begin to take you more seriously.